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Health insurance is an opportunity for the employer to provide a benefit to employees that:

• Are highly valued by the employees;

• Are not available to them or would cost much more, if they wanted to acquire them on their own;

• Are tax-deductable

More detaild description of Health Insurance is provided below the application form.

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Risks Insured

Outpatient treatment, Stationary treatment, Paid services in outpatient and stationary treatment, Rehabilitation, Purchase of drugs with large discounts, Dentist services with large discounts, Fitness activities, Optics. Each insurance company have various healt insurance programms, covering various services and service levels. We will help you to select a programme that best fits your needs.

Tax benefits

Payments for health insurance are not subject to personal income tax and social insurance contribution up to LVL 300 per annum, if this does not exceed 10% of employee’s salary.



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