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„Insurance Programme for Foregners” has been designed in accordancewith the Law on Immigration of Latvian Republic.

This programme is targetted at the following groups of people:

• Persons applying for permanent residents permit who are equired to have insurance policy valid in the territory of Latvia;

• Persons reuqesting visa to enter Latvia;

• Any foreigner arriving in Latvia to work.

Apply for the insurance policy of the „Foreigners Insurance Programme”:

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Additional information of „Foreigners Insurance Programme”:

• Age of the insured persons – There are no age limitations or exceptions. Kids up to 7 years of age also pay full premium.

• Risks and amount insured: Emergency medical assistance and repatriation up to EUR 50’000

Insurance premia is set for one year and depends on the age of the insured:

Up to 18

19 - 60

61 - 75

76 - 80

81 and above


EUR 27.00


EUR 34.00


EUR 64.00


EUR 128.00


EUR 500.00

Possible surcharges:

If the person is arriving to Latvia to work or participate in sports competitions the cost of the Foreigners Insurance Programms’ insurance may be higher.



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