Third Party Liability Insurance

General Third Party Liability – Professional Third Party Liability

The purpose of the Third Paty Liability (TPL) Insurance is to compensate loss or damage done to a third party or its property by the insured.

TPL insurance tipically covers costs associated with a bodily injury or damage to a property, but in some cases this insurance will also provide compensation for financial loss, moral compensation, legal costs or damage done to the environment.

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General Third Party Liability Insurance

provides compensation for loss resulding from your or your company’s actions. This loss maybe associated with a bodly injury, damage of a property or other loss according to Civil Law.

Professional Third Party Liability Insurance

covers loss associated with provision of qualified professional services.

There are some industries where Latvian Law strictly regulates TPL Insurance.

The most prominent examples are:

1. OCTA – Obligatory Third Party Liability Insurance for owners of motor vehicles; ,

2. TPL Insurance in Construction;

3. TPL Insurance of Sworn Notaries;

4. TPL Insurance of Insurance Brokers;

5. TPL Insurance for organizers of mass events, etc.



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