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When traveling abroad Travel Insurance Policy is a must-have. This way you can protect yourself and your family from unexpected expenses. Cost of the policy depends from the destination, planned activities and duration of the trip. We will help you choose a policy that’s right for you. If you work requires you to travel regularly abroan, you may choos an annual policy thus saving money and time as you would not have to buy insurance each time you travel.

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In case f sudden illness or accident Insurance will cover costs of medical assistance abroad and will cover repatriation costs. You will get compensation in case of an accident. Insurance will provide compensation in case your luggage will be delayed, damaged or lost. Special insurance programms are provided for skiing trips. Travel insurance provides cover for such costs:

- Medical costs and transportation;

- Services of a layer or attorney;

- Accidents;

- Damage to third parties (third party liability);

- Damage to, delay or loss of baggage;

- Damage to, delay or loss of your skiing equipment;

If during your trip you plan to engage in dangerous activities, you may need to get additional Insuance that will cover you during such activities:

- Skiing;

- Snowboarding

- Diving;

- Amateur sports competitions;

- Professional sports;

You can choose Insurance programm that best fits your needs – from „Basic” to „VIP”.



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