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Accident insurance is one of the traditional types of insurance. It provides comprehensive cover for financial consequences of loss of life or ability to work in a result unpredictable or accidental event.

Accident insurance can also be acquired by an employer on behalf of employees. Accident insurance provides financial compensationfor loss of life or ability to work due to accident. The cover maybe limited only to the time person spends at work or extended also to the private life. It may be vaid in Latvia only or extended to any other territory.

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Risks insured:

- Broken bones, injuries;

- Uplanned medical expenses due to an accident;

- Disbility or death due to an accident;

- Costs associated with staying in hospital;

- Cost for each day when person is temporarily unable to work;

- Burns or frost-bite;

- Costs associated with critical illness.

Tax benefits:

Companies, acquiring Accident Insurance on behalf of their employees, receive such benefits:

- Insurance premium is tax-deductibe for Corporate Income Tax purposes;

- Insurance premium is tax deductible for Personal Income Tax Purposes;

- Insurance Premium is not subject to Social Insurance Contribution levy.

For Personal Income Tax the tax-deduxtibility is limited by EUR 500 per annumm per employee and 10% of their annual salary.



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