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AGGA Brokeris provides very good and affordable insurance policies for Health and Accident Insurance for the students traveling abroad to study. It does not matter if you plan to study abroad for just one semester or five years we will provide you with the most appropriate solution.

Student’s Insurance provides protection of up to EUR 80’000 for medical expenses, including drugs and transportation and will ensure substantial financial protection in case of accident.

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Acquiring and insurance for studies abroad is not only wise, but somtimes also obligatory. With prices starting at EUR 130 for a full academic year it’s not an unaffordable price to pay for your peace of mind in a foreign country. We will collect the best offers from various insurers and offer you the insurance policy best suited to your requirements and preferences.

If you would try to substitute Student’s Insurance with regular Travel Insurance policy, you will find out that not only this will be much more expensive, but in some cases it will not be available for the length of period you need, especially if you expect to be abroad for full one year or longer.



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