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KASKO - OCTA (Obligatory TPL)

KASKO (voluntary insurance of a motor vehicle) will provide cover for losses due to damage done to your vehicle as a result of traffic accident or due to actions of third parties or natural disasters– for example in case of theft, fire, storm, etc.

Insurance compny will compensate the loss also in a case when the owner of the vehicle has cased the accident. In case you acquire your vehicle with financing from bank or a leasing company, KASKO insurance policy will be required by them.

A more detailed description of the KASKO insurance is provided below the application form.

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In case you or your company own more than one vehicle, we suggest you to get in touch with us. If you insure more than one vehicle at a time, you get much better deal - both the cover and the price.

What can be insured?

The object insured is the vehicle named in the insurance policy as well any additional equipment named in the insurance application. More than one vehicle can be covered by a single insurance policy.

As an additional equipment the following may qualify: integrated additional equipment, systems or accessories, that were insalled in or attached to the vehicle at the moment the insured event happened if such equipment was named in the application. Examples of such equipment are audio systems, advertising stickers, light-metal disks, special design elements, etc.

Training, rental, special-purpose (police, emergency) vehicles, public transport, taxis, and dangerous cargo carriers have to be specially identified in the application form to qualify for compenation in case of loss.

Risks insured

Damage to a vehicle while „on road”, if such damage was done by:

- Colliding with another vehicle;

- Colloding with another impediment;

- Turning over of the vehicle or falling from a hight (bridge, etc.), driving off the road, driving into a ditch, opening or damage done by a collapse of of the road;

- Drawning of the vehicle or submerging under ice if such event was directly caused by a traffic accident;

- Colliding with a human being or animal;

- Flaw in glass;

- Fire, including due to internal short-circuiting;

- Detonation;

- Natural disasters, such as storm, flood, lightning, hail, landslide, avalanche, earthquake)

- Items falling onto the vehicle;

- Animals or birds (except damage done to the interior of the cabin)

- Criminal activity of third parties, including theft and robery.

Insurance premium depends on the following:

- Vehicle make and model;

- Year of production;

- transporta līdzekļa vecuma;

- Market value of the vehicle;

- Deductible;

- Experience and age of the driver;

- Bonus-Malus class of the driver.



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