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Real estate – Equiment – Goods

Property insurance policy may cover your house, appartment, summer cottage or the equipment in it as well as your office, shop, factory, warehouse, goods, etc. against loss due to fire, natural disaster or illegal activity by third parties.

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In case you want to insure more than one property, please send us detailed description of these properties to our email or get in touch with us.

What can be insured?

- Real estate (buildings, appartments, infrastructure, communication and other networks, decorations, etc.)

- Movable property (furniture, white and bworn electronic equipment, equipment, raw materials and parts, finished goods in warehouse or shop, office equipment, office funiture, etc.)

What risks are covered?

- Fire, lightning, falling airplane;

- Damage due to failure of heating, water or sewage systems or explosion of high-pressure tanks or gas storages;

- Natural disasters (earthquake, storm, hail, extreme rain, etc.)

- Breaking glass (windows, mirrors, showcases, etc.)

- Theft, burglary, vandalism and other illegal activities by a third party

Insurance against temporary loss of business revenue

Stoppage to the business activity caused by accident or other insured event may result in substantial financial loss. You can buy insurance policy that will cover such loss as well as the costs associated with payment of salaries to idle employees, leased equipment, taxes, etc.)

Insurance premium depends on:

- Specific risks covered;

- Size of the deductible;

- Number of installments.



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